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Bulk Mailing


About Bulk Mailing

The key to saving money on your mailing needs is to prepare them to be compatible with postal automation standards. Printing Services gets you the best possible discounts with the US Postal Service by bar coding your mail and validating your addresses. This service is provided to you at no charge.

Bulk Mailing is used for mailings of 200 or more identical mail pieces. Services that Bulk Mailing provides:

Postage discounts
Combining mailing lists
Match addresses against USPS National database for accuracy
National Change of Address (NCOA) standardization
Zip code correction
Presort tools
Ink jet addresses onto mail pieces
Provide an outside vendor service for inserting of mail pieces
Advice on postal regulations and mail piece design


Steps to complete a bulk mailing:

For questions contact Paula Rench in the Printing Services Bulk Mail office @ 765-285-8549